balancing act


(Reformation Tansy top, Love Leather skirt, Balenciaga cut out boots, and my trusty Mulberry bag)

I feel bad about the lack of current posts (I have admittedly been posting throwbacks for cover). Technically this post is three weeks late, since I wore it on the first day of school. I liked dressing like myself in a sea of leggings and flip flops, very fun. I want to get into a rhythm of school work, posting, being overall healthier and managing my time better. We'll see how this goes.
Also: Really into this top (and the dress form of it). It's simple looseness helps balance out all the black and leather. 

I know I say it every time but sorry for being the lamest. :*

amsterdam photo diary


Beautiful Amsterdam, from our Europe trip. 
Seriously such a cool place. Also - I get why there were so many "coffee" shops now.