nyc meet-up


Thank you everyone for such a lovely experience in New York City! I had a great time at our meet-up and it was so cool seeing my friends in real life and making so many new ones. Happy it all worked out so well! :)

paris photo diary


Stuff like this on every corner. So refreshing.
Urban Outfitters (?) blazer, Brandy Melville tee, Nordstrom shorts, and Zara boots.
The cab driver laughed at us.
The mothership.
Looking sulky in leather. Topshop jacket and Love Leather skirt.
From left to right: Steve Madden, Balenciaga, Zara, Celine, Chanel, and Converse.
Urban Outfitters crop sweater, Love Leather skirt, and Balenciaga boots.

Still not over this.
With the most focus.
The statue room at the Louvre. Really wanted to pose with one of these guys.
A few favorite items. The perfectly flimsy Madewell tank and carwash-style Topshop fringe dress.
Waiting in line.
Didn't venture in but took a picture of the sign!
wearing a Brandy Melville blouse, Levi's, Illesteva sunglasses, and my only actual bag.
Mona giving that smize.
Last sunset over the Seine.

I was lucky enough to stay in Paris for a week and I can safely say it is my favorite city in the world.
Every corner is just beautiful. Every building has a history and such unique, beautiful architecture. I love how the city is structured along the river and all the sights are lined up and you can walk anywhere. The traffic is ridiculous and nobody gives a shit about when to stop and go but somehow it all works. There's an adorable cafe on every corner and OH MY GOD the food is amazing. The sky at sunset is unlike anything I've ever seen. Parisian style is everything I wish I could embody. You must have to be French to get it because they just have this way about them. Everyone looks like they put in the minimal amount of effort but yet the end result is perfect. 
Sorry for this weird list of things I love but I couldn't process it in a more functional way.

Paris, j'taime.